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A month ago I wrote about some serious tooth pain on the right side of my jaw. That same week I went to the dentist and they took a slew of x-rays. It turned out I had numerous cavities; two accounted for the severe pain. The doctor filled them in the same day and thankfully, there was no need for root canals. She also noted the necessity of removing my wisdom teeth before they became a cesspool of bacteria. Not a big deal as I saw these extractions coming for years (more on this later).


If you are not familiar with fillings, the dentist drills away the decay then either fills it in or takes a mold for an onlay or crown cap. This results in blood and bacteria flooding the mouth and let’s get real, even with the suction device, you still ingest a lot of it. Most doctors know to prescribe antibiotics to autoimmune patients because well, that much bacteria can cause serious issues. Easy peasy, right? In, out. Done.


Unfortunately for me, this new inexperienced doctor did not know to prescribe said antibiotics. I felt a little low after the procedures but I chalked that up to extra inflammation and energy in the healing process. I added insult to injury by sitting for my monthly infusion at the end of the week. That’s when it all went to hell. As Friday evening wore on I felt worse than usual and as the weekend drew closed I developed a low-grade fever. I called my rheumatologist who immediately prescribed antibiotics. The fever broke but I felt worse.

I thought I was dying.

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I sounded melodramatic but I felt weaker, shakier, and mored fatigued on the antibiotics. than before them. I finally came out of this illness just in time for my wisdom teeth extraction! I was nervous only because I did not want to get so sick again. There was more blood, more “trauma” and I was not on particularly healthy ground going into this. The surgeon was experienced and prescribed me at least two extra precautionary drugs to knock out potential complications.

I healed up quickly even after a set of stitches came out the same evening (I accidentally pulled them out while brushing my teeth) and spent the night swallowing blood and clots.

Cinnamon powder stops bleeding fast! I mixed it in with yogurt and applied it directly to the area without stitches. It staunched the bleeding very quickly.


Once I crossed that hurdle it was straight shooting from there. I did not experience excessive bleeding or pain, the inflammation decreased quickly and I stayed healthy! All in all, I thought it was a success.

I always knew it was important for autoimmune patients not to get sick. Too bad I experienced it firsthand, though!

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Splatter: OPI Guys & Galaxies, red acrylic paint


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.