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I completed the Furry Friends tag a couple of years ago but I wrote about all four pets in one very long post. During this month, I will re-do the tag but in smaller bite-size amounts.

Yes, April 1st would technically make more sense since “Affie” starts with A but I already had my nails set up and I wanted to post them! So, for today,  B is for Binky (#AtoZChallenge).




What is your pet’s name?

Affie. Her birth name is Aphrodite. The name does not suit her so we shorten it.


What kind of pet is she and what breed?

She is a purebred Coton de Tulear. This breed is similar to a Bichon except the fur is longer and more coton-like. She does not shed which is a plus for me since I am allergic to animal dander!



How long have you had your pet friend?

About 13 years. Her birthday is in July.



How did you get your pet?

“I grew up with dogs. I want a dog.”

“Uhm….okay? She has to hypoallergenic though”


Two days later we had a puppy. My father is not a particularly impulsive man. He thinks everything through with an analytical eye. Adopting Affie was a different decision for him. He found her. He wanted her. He got her.

(By the way, we already had two cats…and little did we know, six months down the line, a second dog!)


How old is your pet?

Affie is almost 14 years old.



What are some quirky things about your pet’s personality?

She is like a living stuffed animal. She is the most aloof, self-sufficient dog I have ever met. Most dogs spend time with their masters and shadow every step they take. They sleep at their feet, respond to their voice and are constant companions. Well, not Affie. She would make a great farm animal.

It’s not that she doesn’t love us. She just doesn’t need us. She is perfectly content being on her own. She sits at the window (rooms away from us) and watches the day float by.

The pets have a bowl of toys for when we are not around. Even when we are, Affie would rather play by herself.

Dad frequently makes fun of me and calls her my spitting image which, I guess, is very true.

Photo on 3-2-13 at 9.20 PM


What does your relationship to your pet mean to you?

My pets mean the world to me. My father travels a lot for work so my pack is my family. Sure, Affie is aloof and prefers to be on her own but her love is unwavering. She knows I am her owner, she knows I am her master and she knows I am “Mom”. She may not need me on the day to day but when she does, I am her first stop. When she is scared, I am the lap she sits in. On the off chance she needs me. I am there.

And, vice versa.


What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?

Nap time.

And, fetch. She runs around with a toy I chase her trying to get it back.




Affie-Taffie, Affs, Binky-Stinky, Binker.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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