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I stress color. I started with mandalas and markers and graduated to gel pens and themed coloring books. I like coloring. It takes me out of my head for a while. I don’t have to think about my condition or other stresses in my life and above all else it gives me time to be totally and utterly unproductive.

Do you ever feel like every single thing you do has to be part of a bigger picture? Everything has to be done for something else. I always have to work because not working means I’m lazy. No? Well, that’s what society makes us think, right?

But, the truth of the matter is we need time to shut down our brains. Even sleep does not allow us to do that. Our dream state files away moments in our day, brings out hidden emotions and true feelings. When I color, nothing germinates and grows. Other than mixing colors and filling in shapes my mind is totally blank.


That sounds horrible but truthfully, it’s great. In short bursts, coloring reboots my brain so I am ready for the day.

Do you color? Why did you start?


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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