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Saachi and Sunsilk both start with S so I had to be creative in doing Saachi’s Furry Friends tag! Saachi passed away just over two years ago from Hemangiosarcoma (cancer of the blood). She may be gone but she remains part of the pack.


What is your pet’s name?

Saachi. Her “birth” name was Lottie.

What kind of pet is she and what breed?

Saachi was a purebred Bullmastiff dog.

Big Puppy (5 mo.)

How long have you had your pet friend? 

Almost 9 years! We adopted her at two months and she passed away at eight and a half years.


How did you get your pet?

Saachi was our fourth adoption. Soon after we adopted Affie, Dad exclaimed he wanted his own dog. He traveled a lot for work and the first three kind of attached themselves to me. I agreed but only if it was a giant breed. I specifically wanted a Great Dane. To this day, I don’t remember why this was so important to me.

Dad disagreed. He thought they were too common…even though I had only ever seen one near our home.

Second choice? A mastiff. My father set to work and researched mastiffs. One day, I heard him yelling from his office and he excitedly showed me pictures of this silly looking pup up for adoption in Kentucky.

“What do you think??”

“She’s cute…kind of chubby…but really cute..”

“Good, because I already emailed the owners”.

My father was ecstatic. He emailed EVERYONE photos of Lottie and captioned them ‘the new addition to the family’. Now would be a good time to mention the adoption was not yet final! Hah!

How old is your pet?

Saachi passed away at 8.5 years.

What are some quirky things about your pet’s personality?

Hmmm…she hated me? She just strongly disliked me. I was the disciplinarian of the family and she was a spoilt, spoilt dog! It was not until I returned from college that she realized she actually loved and missed me!

“Wouldn’t it be funny if the phrase ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ held true with her?”

“I wouldn’t count on it, she really doesn’t like you!” -Dad

It was not until after I returned home from school that first break that she did a complete 180 and actually liked me!


But, I digress. An actual quirk? Saachi believed she was a cat. She grew up in a family with two adult cats, who she adored. She wanted to be part of Sunsilk and Marmalade’s club but they wouldn’t let her. In order to be more like them, she kneaded blankets, beds and bodies and came up with her own version of purring!

What does your relationship to your pet mean to you?

My pets mean the world to me. My father traveled a lot for work so my pack was my family. Even though I was not Saachi’s favorite person she was extremely protective of me. She would bark at every little noise and stand guard at the front door whenever I was alone in the house. Her love was unfailing and unwavering.


What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?

Nap time. Saachi was the perfect blanket. She lay on top of me and since she was bigger than me I was never cold!

Tug of war — Best ab work out ever.



“No!” Saachi was so big she never got away with anything.

“Ugly” …I feel sort of bad about this one…When she was little her head grew too big for her body and she looked rather comical. It was a couple of months before her body caught up but the nickname stuck!

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