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Seriously, nothing to disclose.

Maybelline is one of the large, global makeup brands we all talk about but few people actually use more than one or two cult products from the line. It has just so many products standing in front of the display can be overwhelming but, below, I review a few of my all time favorite Maybelline products. And, of course, because it’s me, this makeup look is arthritis-friendly, fast and easy to apply.

Maybelline is one of the top drugstore/high street brands in the world so it has endless resources to follow trends, create catchy new products and market them properly. It can be overwhelming and confusing but more products mean more chances for everyone to find something they like, at a reasonable price.

I, like so many others, have limited time to get ready in the mornings. I don’t want to use multiple products with lots of brushes. I just want a few that create an easy, chic makeup look that stays put no matter what.

Cue Maybelline.

Its long-lasting products do just that. Once they set, they don’t budge. I don’t worry about shadow fading or mascara flaking, which is one less headache on my list.

For my everyday makeup look, I only use one brush (that comes with the product) to apply my eyeliner; I apply everything else with my fingers and it doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes!

What more can I ask for?


I hope you enjoy this look. It is fast, simple and effortless.



Maybelline Age Rewind – Dark Circle Eraser is my holy grail concealer. I apply it directly from the applicator and blend it in with my fingers to warm up the product. It does not exaggerate fine lines and hides my genetically dark under eyes.


The 24H Color Tattoo shadows are close to magic. They have a silky texture which makes them easy to work with. I blend them out with my finger but can use a brush to pack on pigment. These shadows don’t set too quickly but, once dry, they won’t budge. They make a great base for powder shadows eliminating the need for primer.

The brown shades are perfect for a subtle wash of color while the brighter shades add intensity to any look.


I am first and foremost a liquid liner girl but when I want a softer look I reach for gel. The 24H Lasting Drama Gel Liner is very similar to its Tattoo counterpart. I go in with a first line, let it dry, apply my shadow and smudge the edge out. I apply one more swipe to darken and set the eyeliner. I have enough time, before it sets, to perfect the line.

The brush is soft but dense and easy to manipulate. Do you like a thicker line, maybe a thinner one? This brush can do both.


We have all heard of the iconic Great Lash, Maybelline’s best-selling mascara. Well, there are a multitude of others and my favorite is the Rocket Volum’ Express. It makes my lashes look naturally thicker. I wiggle the wand through the bottom of my lashes then bring the brush straight up. I look like I’m wearing nothing at all.

Have oily eyelids like me? Don’t worry. Powder your lashes before application, it’ll help the mascara stay on and not flake. Keep in mind Maybelline mascaras have a wet formula so they take a little longer to dry.

Don’t want it to transfer to your upper or lower lids? Look down, eyes open, until the mascara becomes tacky.


Have you tried these products? Would you wear this look? Let me know!


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