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How could I not do a Mean Girls inspired look for today’s 31 Day Nail Art prompt? Sometimes, it really confuses me that it turned into a global phenomenon but then again, I guess teens across the world relate to the themes.

I may be going color blind but I’m pretty sure Purple Panic (the base color) is not purple but a neon pink, right? Ah well, it’s still a fantastic polish that I will repurchase when I finish this bottle.

I hope you enjoy this look! I dropped blobs of polish on my nail then used an artist’s brush to swirl them around. I repeated the process until I was happy.

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31 Day Nail Art Challenge (September 2017-#31DC2017 Mean Girls Movie Inspired Nail ArtBase: China Glaze Purple Panic

Details: OPI Freedom of Peach (tan-peach), Madam President (dark pink) Milani Fast Fuchsia (bright pink), essie Blanc (white)

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