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I am very proud I’ve kept up with the 31 day nail art challenge this year but yesterday I legitemately had no intentions of posting to the blog. I knew I had to so it made me even less inclined to do it. Pretty much I was in a mood and did not feel like being productive. That’s okay, we’re all entitled to a them and as a spoonie we’re even more so!

I once again scoured my Pinterest (link here — you should follow me because I seriously love Pinterest!) and found this pretty cool pillow. Well, it’s a normal pillow with some very cool colors!

This dry-brush look took less than five minutes (yes I timed it) including fussing and perfecting but excluding base dry time. It’s so arthritis friendly because it takes minimal wrist effort and the more abstract the better which means less painstaking details.

I hope you like this look as much as I do!!

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Teal to Purple pillow (image from pinterest)

31 Day Nail Art Challenge (September 2017-#31DC2017) Pillow Pattern Inspired Dry Brush Nail ArtBase: Barry M Lychee

Details: Barry M Cancun (teal), American Apparel Neon Purple, Chanel Fantastic (light green)


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