So, you may have seen on social media recently (by “recently” I mean last month) that I came down with a horrible stomach bug. I vomited for six hours straight and don’t remember most of it because I was so dehydrated. I spent a week trying to get my body back on track but even now, four weeks on, I still crave water with electrolytes.


a8a6dd53d8e5f646_StockSnap_6BO8QPKBLDAfter I got better, I was continuously bombarded with bacteria. My students were constantly sick and I just couldn’t kick the cycle. Thankfully, though, I never got the flu!

Eventually, I resorted to wearing a mask everywhere and got better. But, now, I’ve lost all motivation to do anything related to my Instagram, Twitter, blog and YouTube. I have all these ideas floating around in my head but I cannot bring myself to do any of them.

I wasn’t particularly productive on many of my platforms (Twitter and YouTube especially) but over the few weeks I was sick I completely lost it!

Do you deal with this? How do you get out of the slump??


Saachi the Bullmastiff and Affie the Coton Taking A NapI can’t even bring myself to read other people’s posts or scroll through Instagram anymore. I want to. I just can’t!

Is it because I just don’t have the drive anymore? The productive muscle has gone soft? Or am I afraid of seeing the massive amount of unread or unseen posts piling up higher and higher every day? Am I just still not feeling well — I am so tired all the time (more so than usual). Maybe it’s a little bit of everything.



I really hope to be back at it soon! Please let me know if you have any tips because I just can’t get myself out of this slump!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.