I am in a weird/horrible mood right now. I am flared up (I think) because my energy levels are low, my brain is on neutral and I feel like I’m trudging through a mud puddle that sits neck high.

Usually, when I’m flared up, I just want to sleep. Unfortunately, today is not one of those days.

IMG_4125I have an abundance of energy coursing through my body. I have intense cabin fever but my body won’t cooperate!! I feel sick every time I move but I just want to take Mocha for a long walk. She is so playful today that a long hike suits her. But, I can’t comply.

It’s not even the flare. It’s the cold weather! I have a couple of weeks off from work and I have ample time to spend with the puppy but today, the temperature plummeted. I can’t exercise in the cold even if I were in good shape.

I have more or less come to terms with my illness and that I cannot do certain things anymore. But, every so often I am just too annoyed for words. I love being active…Why can’t I be active??


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.