“Do more yoga”


Disclaimer: I don’t like yoga or meditation. I am too high strung for that shit.


Most people have never heard of an autoimmune condition because it is an invisible illness. This means that unless they have one themselves or have a passing familiarity with it (a close friend or family member has it) the average person does not know what Rheumatoid Arthritis is.

For this reason I try not to judge people and I only get annoyed when they start advising me on stress. “I started yoga and stopped getting sick! It will definitely help with your autoimmunity!”

There are two things wrong with this…

First, stress does not cause autoimmune conditions. It can effect the intensity of flares but does not cause the disorders. (If this were the case then my entire high school class would have one).

Second, just because the word autoimmune contains ‘immune’ does not mean that my condition suddenly gets better when I’m not sick. Yes, my immunity is involved but not in the way most people think. My immunity is confused and instead of attacking bacteria and viruses, it is going after my cartilage instead.

I’m not saying stress does not play a role in my RA because it does, to some extent. It does not, however, completely dictate whether I experience symptoms (or not) and no, yoga won’t cure me, but thanks for the suggestion.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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