August is always an odd month regarding my personal life so it’s only fitting my RA acted very strangely as well. On the 6th, my family mourns my mother’s passing. I generally flare just a little because I’m obviously not in a sunshiny mood but thankfully, my symptoms are never too bad.

I spend the rest of the month catching up on my online work, slow down my summer hours and gear up for the Fall season. I lower my Prednisone dose (sometimes unsucessfully) and just recharge for the months ahead.

Money is not necessarily tight but I do watch my dollars more because of Vet Day: The most expensive day of the year. Marmalade, Sunsilk and Affie all visit the doctor at the same time for their routine wellness and vaccines. While I know how much I’m spending it always hurts a little when I insert my card and watch all that money fly away. I’m honestly not at all fussed because I know how much I could be spending and if a few hundred dollars maintains their wellbeing than I’ll gladly fork that money over. By the way, all three geriatrics are happy and healthy!

This Fall was supposed to be special. I finally decided to get certified as a veterinary technician. I applied to the only community college that offered a good program and was all set to take the pre-requisite classes. I didn’t get off the wait list for the one orientation class and it is only offered in the Summer and Fall sessions. Well, it looks like I’m not getting into the program for another year. And, by then, what’s the point if I’m just going back to Colorado soon anyways? Do I really want to spend three more years here? I’m honestly not sure.

I don’t know, in general, August has been a funny month. I’ve found in past years it’s my “blue” month. I flare up and just feel unhappy, overall. This August has been fun in some ways though, but I know my head is not necessarily in the right place for seriously good things to happen.

Who knows what September will bring? Hopefully better opportunities.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.