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This week I am grateful for…

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…time off.

I love work and the full time experience. When I got sick, I was thrown into part-time hours and sleeping the free time away. I felt useless, lazy and dumb.

Why couldn’t I push through and just work full-time? Was it really my disease or did I become complacent?

Working full time is difficult. I can make it through an eight hour shift but I certainly don’t have anything left afterwards. Errands? Yeah, right. Social life? As if! And, worst of all, I never truly get the chance to recuperate fully. I run on fumes as long as the work persists.

I have to sacrifice everything just to make coin. Is that a life? I guess, if I don’t have another choice. That’s where I am lucky. I used to think of it as a sin but I’ve come to appreciate it. I have the option of part-time work. I take the BEST naps and wake up refreshed and productive. This energy surge helps me knock out a lot of high quality work that I feel good about!

I am grateful for the time off so I can take care of myself and in turn, everything else.


What are you grateful for?


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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