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There is this great independent ice cream parlor near my house called “Sprinkles”. They make the most amazing black and white milkshakes. If you are unfamiliar, the black and white milkshake is vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup mixed in. Of course, you can substitute the vanilla for any flavor.

My first Etsy purchase was from SerumNo5: Happy Special Day! I love this sprinkle nail polish. It is a multi-colored shimmer top coat primarily comprised of white hexagons of multiple sizes. There is also an assortment of thin rectangular, hexagonal, and square pieces in different colors and sizes. This nail polish has a great formula and it is not hard to get a lot of product on the brush. This polish is so much fun! Each nail looks different and I never stop looking at my fingertips when I am wearing it. Recently I noticed that the pieces even vary in opacity!

Every time I wear this polish I constantly think of the ice cream parlor and crave a milkshake. In honor of this craving…nail art!

Nfu Oh 51 over Zoya “Gwin”, SerumNo5 “Happy Special Day”, Accented Ring – Milani “Hot Pink”

Base and top coat are a must. I started with two coats of Zoya “Gwin” which is a bright coral orange. It has a dense gold shimmer in the bottle that does not translate completely to the nail. The formula is sheer, not runny and totally covers the nail in two coats.

I added one thin layer of flakies amazing-ness Nfu Oh 51. This is the ultimate flakies polish. No matter what color the base coat is, it darkens it without changing the color and the flakes and shimmer pick up the original. I have seen that the base of some flakies lean towards warmer colors or cooler colors but rarely both. Nfu Oh has a variety of flakies polish available but 51 is the most universal.

Next up: Happy Special Day. I did not apply this polish in the regular way. I applied one thin layer with very little product (this way, I minimized the amount of white pieces). I went back and tapped extra pieces onto the bald areas.

On the ring finger I applied one coat of Milani’s “Hot Pink”. For a glitter polish this has a wonderful formula. It does not clump and applies evenly. Also, it does not dry so quickly that I can not move glitter pieces after application.

Can you tell I love sprinkles on my ice cream?

Just a note about Nfu Oh: the company recently discontinued their Nfu Oh Opal Glitter series. The polishes in the collection are on sale from the usual $12.50 to $11.25. If you are interested, take a look at the website here.

And one on SerumNo5: I purchased from the shop on Etsy but there is also a website. When I run out I am definitely going to repurchase and try a couple of other enamels I have my eye on. On my list: Happy Place, Starry Nights and May Flowers.

Hi, I’m Monica and I have RA.