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“But you don’t look sick…”


The silver lining. The very vain silver lining: I don’t look sick!

The visible symptoms would be side-effects of the medications I am on:

  • I bloat on prednisone
  • My hair thins, loses its shine, and falls out on methotrexate
  • If I forget to take my painkillers I pale
  • I break out like mad
  • My eyelashes fall out

The list is extensive.

So is my beauty/skincare regime and so is my diet.

I wrote a couple of posts on my skincare regime earlier. I am very proud of my skincare.

It is nice to know that something in that line-up is working!

After all, if I did not follow it to a tee, I would look very unwell.


Part One explains why this comment is not ok.

Part Two contains my reaction.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.