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Given how I have been feeling I am surprised I went with a bright green. I guess when I feel low I still opt for bright colors! That is a good sign.

I initially wanted to do the water-color technique on the middle and pinky finger but I ended up keeping them clean.




I am on the fence about the index finger. I like the color scheme but it does not really match the water marble. I love love love how the marble came out though.

Base:  Sephora by OPI “It’s Totally Karma”

MarblingSephora by OPI “I Come in Peas” and Wet n Wild “Black Creme”

  • I started with a marble with both colors then I marbled again with “I Come in Peas”

DottingMilani “Peacock”Cult Nails “Deal with It”, and Sephora by OPI “I Come in Peas”


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.