Disclaimer: I don’t really classify this as “dumb”.


“Is RA contagious???”


This is not a dumb question but it is a very silly one.

It is a disease. Some diseases are contagious. However, RA is rheumatoid arthritis.


Is osteo-arthritis contagious? 

During a flare, just by standing near someone can I pass on my confused immunity? Just by sneezing can I contaminate the air with my RA inflammatory anti-bodies?

Okay, so even if they did not know this was an auto-immune, I can’t even imagine a way that arthritis could be contagious. Suggestions?


Just taking one second to think about what the name of the disease is should be an indicator, on its own, that this illness is probably not contagious.

This question leans towards not having any knowledge of RA but it is a rather strange question nonetheless.


Part Two

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.