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I am in search for a good creme white and yellow.


The whites I tried (China Glaze “White On White”, Sally Hansen “White On”, Essie “Blanc”) got very gloopy and thick within two uses.

The China Glaze polish was unusable. The bottle was totally full but I never managed to get any polish on the brush.

Essie was just awful from the get-go and I had to toss the polish. It was too thick and the dry time was very slow, even with thin and streaky strokes.

I liked Sally Hansen, I got full coverage with one coat but the consistency changed as well.


The yellows I tried (Cult Nails “Deal with It”, Color Club “Almost Famous”, the Milani Fast Dry yellow) also changed consistency very quickly.

I never liked Cult Nails because it was very tacky and no matter what I tried to do I could not get even layers. The dry time was extremely long.

In general, I am not a fan of the Cult Nails polishes.

I purchased Sephora by OPI “Cab Fare”. I liked the polish but it was too sheer on it’s own. Even after four coats I could still see my nail bed. Also, it has shimmer and I really wanted a bright creme.



I just realized I am totally bashing these polishes. My opinion is my own and I did not have a good experience with them. Other people might have had better luck with these polishes and brands. There are some great polishes from these brands that I really like, however, these polishes just did not work for me.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.