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One of the silver linings of having RA is….::Drum roll::

Grocery shopping!


I love shopping for food because I am always hungry.  I eat less, more frequently because my medicine-induced ulcers destroyed my stomach a year ago. I am okay with that! I love to snack!

I have never been able to eat large meals without feeling sick anyways so when my gastroenterologist told me I needed to make these meals even smaller, I was thrilled.

I always have snacks around, in my purse, in my car, in multiple drawers in my house. (Healthy snacks, usually – fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.)


This, however, is the downfall. I tend to go overboard while grocery shopping, buying more food than I probably will eat in the week. Though, I never ever let food go to waste!

My flares are accompanied by major nausea which is unfortunate because since I am not moving too much I am always hungry. On the days when I still have to go out and buy dog food I am lucky I am nauseous because it keeps me from buying too many groceries!

Oh the silver lining! …Just like when my ankles and knees are swollen and they make shaving just a bit easier 🙂


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.