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And for your reading pleasure…Dumb Sh*t Monica Thinks: I walked into Trader Joe’s to buy dog food late last week and wondered why there were so many turkeys for sale….In my haste to get to the winter holidays I totally forgot about the fall ones!


Everyone in DC drives like they are bracing a snowstorm…even when there are barely any flakes.

By the way, it has not snowed yet but everyone thought it would!



I like the blurrier pictures because they lend more to the effect of snow flurries!


I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Triple Shine “Slick Black”. I am not a huge fan of Sally Hansen polishes but the color on this was too amazing to pass up. I needed two thick coats to reach full opacity. The polish is a lot more sheer than it appears in the bottle.

I stamped with Essie “No Place Like Chrome” and Bundle Monster plate “BM 323”.

I love marbling each color separately. Marbles are messy so they should look messy! Well, not all the time, but I like the look of a “messy marble”.

I marbled with Orly “Bonder” and Sephora by OPI “Go My Own Way”.

I then marbled with Orly and Slick Black. I love how it cancelled out the colors underneath. 

I stamped snowflakes with Julie G “White Orchid” and Bundle Monster plate “BM 319”.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.