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Apologies on the hiatus, I flared up from playing with my dog and I felt too tired and uninspired to write let alone paint my nails.

Speaking of which, I am sitting late for my infusion this month…again!


I love Orencia. While I do not feel 100% at any given point of time, I feel close most days. However, I am very sensitive to medications and being pumped full of 500mg of immuno-suppresant takes it out of me.

I am more or less down for a day or two.


Last month, when I got home, my dogs came running to see me – tails wagging, eyes bright, jumping up and down…

Within 5 seconds, their ears went flat against their heads, tails went in between their legs, and their head and shoulders went low.

I was nervous. I did not feel too bad. A little tired but that was all.


Saachi and Affie crawled into bed with me and slept on top of me. The cats joined us five minutes later and added themselves to the pile.

We looked like a family of ferrets.


Animals are extremely intuitive. They catch on to emotions and feelings we may not know about ourselves.

But even during a bad flare my pets never act this way.


Honestly, I was afraid to go to sleep.

Were they acting like this because I had a reaction I did not even know about? Was it safe to close my eyes?

I held out as long as I could but eventually I was too tired to care. I wanted to sleep.

Needless to say, I did wake up…five hours later…

And none of my pets had moved.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.