My dogs were well-trained. Heck, my cats were just as well-trained.

I am a veterinary technician and I know how to handle animals.

Even before she heard the word “sit”, I trained Saachi not to jump up on people.

I trained Affie and Saachi not to beg. They lay peacefully under the table.

They sat in the side room, patiently, until their food was prepared and placed on the floor.

All I had to do was point a finger and they knew to leave the room.

One look and they jumped off the bed….

And then…


I went to college.


Let me preface this by saying my family is Bengali. Bengalis spoil their children and if they do not have children, they spoil their pets.


I came home for my first fall holiday…

I was eating a boiled egg when all of a sudden, Affie crawled up my leg, into my lap and stuck her big fat nose in my mouth.

I pushed her off the chair and stared at my dad. What had happened in the short months I had been away??

The next day we took Saachi to the vets. I put her in the back seat of the car. I went to sit in the front passenger seat.

Saachi had other ideas.

She rushed out from the back of the car and tried to push me off the seat!

My dad was chuckling because we were actually wrestling. But let me tell you, if a mastiff does not want you to sit somewhere, chances are, you’re not going to sit there.

However, there was no way I was going to let this dog push me out of the front and make me sit in the back. So, we compromised. She sat on my lap all the way to the vets.

Five years after this occurrence, I have never quite been able to get these dogs as well trained as before. But, they still are my perfect little angels.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.