They all know the usual commands: sit, stay, come, go away. 

But I taught each one a special trick. 

Marmalade “says please” if she wants me to feed her. (So it is more of a yowl but it is a very specific meow)

Sunsilk “kisses” on command. This is a sweet little touch-nose!

Affie “wipes her paws” on the rug before entering the house. This is an on-command full body shake which she only does on a rug or towel! When she is feeling lazy she’ll shake water all over the hardwood, which I so lovingly clean up. 

Saachi “knocks” on the door. This in retrospect was a bad idea. Every front door to every house we have ever taken her to has some very permanent scratch marks! …Whoops 🙂 

They are all extremely different and they all have their special little ways! 




Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.