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I do not have to see my doctor for another two months! TWO! Count ’em: TWO! And I do not have to see my gastroenterologist for THREE MONTHS! Count ’em: THREE!

Okay, I do not know if that really has any real significance but in my head it means: no blood work, no keeping a close eye on me, no co-payment!

It may seem I am getting better. I might be. However, I think I finally hit a plateau. I may not be getting better but more importantly, I am not getting worse. Which means, I am managing!

I would really like to be better, but hey, at this point, I will take what I can get!

I am still having trouble with my fingers and wrists, fine motor skills seem to evade me sometimes. But I manage to push through.

The only thing my doctor is not pleased about is I went from 8mg to 11mg of prednisone. I should have stayed at 8mg or hopefully even 7mg! Given I cannot lower the pred right now (I will totally lose function of my hands), I will start a bone-calcium supplement prescription thing (can you tell I have not researched this medication yet? :P). I need to get an exo-scan and I will be all set!

Plateau! Yay!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.