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Ever since I got the Revlon polish I wanted to do a comparison post. I thought Revlon was a dupe for Chanel but I was wrong! Take a look!


All photos: Index & Ring – Chanel Pearl Drop; Middle & Pinky – Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen

1 coat over white

This is really interesting. Take a look at the next photos!


3 coats

3 coats


Chanel Pearl Drop:

As with most Chanel polishes, it is on the thick side and streaky on it’s own. A sheer coat over another color eliminates the streakiness, though. Over white, it really resembles the look of a white pearl, however, by itself, it is more yellow!


Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen:

This polish is extremely sheer but not streaky – even after three coats I could still see my nail bed. Over white it appears more yellow.


Both polishes look awesome over white with one thin coat. By themselves, they do not look as polished.

Which one do I like better? I hate to say it because I have a unhealthy addiction to Chanel polishes but the Revlon looks better with my skin tone. It is the strangest thing. There is a yellow tone that does not match my skin color and Pearl Drop hits it right on the head.


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