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I have been dealing with some really deep-rooted depression the last couple of months. A huge reason for my mood dips has to do with the cold weather: I do not/cannot exercise as much, the days are shorter, I eat as though I am about to hibernate for five months…all of this has a major influence on my poor outlook on life.

To perk myself up, I reach for the nail polishes that make me feel like I am in the middle of summer. These are the shades that make me look nice and tan. What a swell reminder of those great sunny months!


(Top Coat: Seche Vite top coat)

OPI “Red Lights Ahead…Where?”

I love this shade. This is the only shade I routinely wear all summer long. It is a neon coral red that makes me look exceptionally tan and warm. I might just be weird, but except for nail art, I cannot bear to wear this on my fingernails. I only wear it on my toes. I think the color looks awful on my hands, which sounds strange given my hands and feet are the same shade.

The formula is thick and it streaks if I do not wait for each layer to dry properly. I have to be very careful to apply thin layers. This can be difficult given the thick formula but my trusty Seche Vite corrects any problems.



3 coats, top coat


Urban Outfitters “Westside”

I adore this polish. This is a great light orange. This is a shade I wear on my hands all the time. It feels like a neutral to me because of the way it enhances and brightens my skin.

The formula is good and does not streak. I have had this polish for at least a year and of course the formula thickened. The polish drags unevenly across the nail, however, three coats will even out the finish.


3 coats, top coat


American Apparel “Neon Yellow”

This is the brightest polish I have ever seen. It captures the fluorescent highlighter color. I love how “in my face” this shade is and even though it is a new addition to my collection I know I will wear it a lot.

The formula is pretty bad. Have you ever painted your nails with that yellow highlighter before? Well, each layer of this polish is exactly like that. It is thick, streaks, bunches and dries insanely slowly.

…But I love the color, so I will deal with it.

3 coats, top coat


American Apparel “Neon Red”

I lusted for this shade after seeing a post on GothamPolish, linked here. Amy raved about the color and I fell in love.  Sadly, every time I visited American Apparel it was out of stock. Until last week! This is an awesome color! It is a pastel coral red that is more muted than Red Lights Ahead…Where?

The formula is runny, streaky and I have a lot of difficulty with application. It is goopy and difficult to apply evenly. I recommend waiting for each layer to dry completely before applying the next. Then wait even longer to apply top coat. The color catches and creates bald spots.


3 coats, top coat



What are your feel-good summer polishes for winter?


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