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I love rain. This is a good thing since I live in perpetual humidity. Even in the winter it is humid and the cold just seeps into my bones and chills me from the inside out.

I love to sit near the biggest windows, read a book, play on my laptop and drink a warm cup of cocoa and watch the rain batter the windows.

Thunderstorms are even better. I turn out all the lights, snuggle under blankets and watch the storm pass through. If the power goes out, the better! (Little monsters are not such a big fan of this pastime!)


“Thunderstorms? No thanks.”


Unfortunately, especially over the last year, rain exacerbates my condition. My joints not only swell on the outside but I can feel it on the inside too. I feel a cushioning around my joints, like I am wading in a swimming pool. Everything else feels spongy, bouncy. It feels like my bone marrow swells up like a porous sea sponge. There are no nerves in my marrow so I cannot possibly feel anything but that bouncy feeling runs through my bones.

Joints aside, the rest of my body works at half-speed. I especially notice changes in my stomach. Food takes longer to digest and I cannot tolerate heavier foods. They sit in my stomach and make me nauseous.

It is so funny because I will wake up to an overcast sky and smile. I get to relax and enjoy Nature’s wonderful gift. I get to sit and watch the world. Even when I was little I could sit and watch out the window for hours…Then it dawns on me (I am not the most clear-minded person in the morning)…

“Uh oh…”


Anyone else? Does rain affect your joints or mobility? Does it flare up any other organs?


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.