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What is lilac? Is it a pastel purple? A light purple? Is it the color of its flower namesake?


I honestly thought I would not do this week’s Golden Oldies Challenge (Facebook group linked here) because I thought I did not have any year-old purple polishes. I decided to take a look and realized I had two!

Poor Adina, I never find a use for her. She makes my skin tone look overly pink and on the nail she does not do anything for me. It is such a shame because she is gorgeous in the bottle!

Guess what I have not done in a while? Sugar-spinning! And Adina was the perfect base!


ImageI used 3 coats of Zoya Adina as my base. I can never figure out bald spots with this polish. The duo chrome finish is so strong some areas look good but in reality are sparse. I used 3 coats just in case.

I sugar-spun with Color Club Pucci-licious.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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