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This post sat in my drafts box for three weeks! I thought I posted it so imagine my surprise when I saw it. I do not have any photos because I already “emptied” my empties box!

This is the skincare/beauty part of this second post for 2014. I used a lot of these products regularly but there were a couple of “duds”. I hope you find my reviews helpful/interesting!


Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging “Micro-Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Cloths”

(USD ~$8.99 for 30 cloths) –> found at drugstores

I bought these cleansing cloths on a whim when I ran out of the Pond’s towelettes. Tati from YouTube’s GlamLifeGuru raves about them. I almost always like the products she recommends and agree with her more negative reviews. I still love my Pond’s towelettes but now they are my nail art clean-up wipes.

The Olay micro cloths are soft and smooth. They are not wet but when in contact with the skin they leave behind a slippery, slimy residue. Off-putting, for sure, but once it dries there is no leftover film.

I did not think the smooth texture would be effective at removing makeup but it was more so than Pond’s! It took a few swipes to remove waterproof eye makeup but it still grabbed at it like a Swiffer Sweeper!

The packaging said the cloths “micro-exfoliated” but they are so smooth there cannot be any exfoliating, however “micro” it was. That’s okay, though, it was not reason I bought the wipes.

I used these as a break from my full skincare routine, wiped my arms and legs after a climbing workout and removed sunscreen.

Will I re-purchase? Already have!


Olay Regenerist’s “Micro-Sculpting Cream” Moisturizer (Fragrance-Free)

(USD ~$30.99 for 1.7oz) –> found at drugstores

When I ran out of my face cream I could not decide between the ones on my “to try list”. I remember using this moisturizer before and loving it! I see why it is a drugstore cult product. The cream was thick and spread easily over the skin. I did not need a lot of product to cover my face and neck so I felt like I got my money’s worth. When I went to CVS to purchase the cream they were sold out of the original so I substituted with the fragrance-free version.

The consistency of this cream was the same as the original except it was very greasy! I woke up as an oil slick every morning. I finished the tub because I did not break out but I did not get the same moisturizing benefits I got from the original. The cream sat on top of my skin and did not absorb in.

The two months it took me to finish this product were a chore. It was an uncomfortable product because of the grease and I am pretty sure most of the product ended up on my pillowcase! Gross!

Will I re-purchase? I may re-purchase the original version.

Does anyone know if the two moisturizers are the same now? (It has been nearly a year since I last used Olay Regenerist creams). 


Bath & Body Works’ Triple Moisture Body Cream in Japanese Cherry Blossom

(USD $12.50 for 8oz.) –> http://www.bathandbodyworks.com

I refused to purchase this product full price because of the so-so reviews. BB&W had their massive annual sale so I purchased two Triple Moisture Body Creams for $3 each! For $3 I could care less about hydration! Alright, so that is not necessarily true!

My favorite scent from Bath and Body Works is Japanese Cherry Blossom. It is light, not overly floral and reminds me of spring.

The cream was thick and greasy but did not hydrate well. It did not apply evenly or absorb quickly. The cream rubbed off on my clothes long before it sank into my skin. I only used it when I needed a spirit lift. It was useless as a moisturizer. Okay, that was a little harsh. It probably would have been alright in the Spring/Summer.

If you have a favorite fragrance from B&BW, I recommend the Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotion instead. It is very hydrating and absorbs quickly. I would use it at the vet clinic if it were not for the heavy fragrance!

I wait for the “1 free travel-size hand lotion” coupon so I never pay for it!

Will I re-purchase? No.


Quick Review on products I continuously use —>


Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

I used the same daily moisturizer for almost two years. I initially began using this moisturizer to help with my hyper pigmentation. I did not expect miracles but I saw a difference. For immediate results the illuminators masked imperfections when light hit them. The soy and sunscreen worked together to gently even skin tone. The product felt greasier during the summer and I got shinier more quickly. Thankfully, I did not break out but I did sweat off the moisturizer so I added mineral sunscreen and face powder.


Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Power-Gel Cleanser

This was another go-to product for nearly two years. My super-oily skin tolerated this twice daily without irritation or flaking, problems I experienced with other Neutrogena and Clean & Clear products. This cleanser was powerful but surprisingly mild. Strangely enough, the Acne-Stress Control product range was marketed as more powerful than others in the Neutrogena line but feel more gentle on the skin. I broke out less frequently and when I did the acne was smaller and healed faster. The scent was refreshing and not medicinal, a welcome change from other salicylic acid products. The gel lathered nicely and did not slip, slide or run down my face.


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