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I wanted to try my first sunset gradient/palm trees on the horizon manicure for the Theme Buffet but the SIMPLES challenge this week is “splodging” so I decided to incorporate both.

Check out the sidebar for information on both challenges.

Summer is fading faster than I anticipated so I am trying to fit in as many neon manicures as possible…not that the absence of summer stops me from wearing neons, of course, but I am itching to start my winter manicure circuit again!

I used similar colors to Debbie’s (The Crumpet) example manicure so I tried to go heavy on the purples. Regardless, I really love this manicure and it reminds me of sunsets which is part of the goal!

I used bigger chunks of sponge for this because my hands were super shaky, I could not pinch properly or manipulate the tweezers. In and of itself, sponging was not the most RA-friendly but eliminating the tweezers and using bigger pieces made this way easier!

I hope you like the final result!

 DSCF0517_fotorI used 2 coats of Julie G White Orchid as my base.

I detailed with small tweezers, bits of makeup sponge, China Glaze Sun WorshipperColor Club Mrs. Robinson, Poptastic, Almost Famous and Wham! Pow!

I finished with a generous topping of Seche Vite.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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