I have not done a Flashback Friday post in ages! How is this possible? I love talking about my pets and most times, in person, nobody wants to hear it! So…I take to the internet! I am going to re-start these posts because they are fun to write and reminisce about!


We adopted Affie at 8 months. She came to us set in her obstinate, pig-headed, Coton ways and it took months and months to train her. I nearly lost my mind. However, looking back on that time I realize she was actually very well-behaved. Sure, she would sneak off and poop or pee all over the house but she never got into anything she was not supposed to, or wrecked other havoc on the house.

We adopted Saachi at 2 months. Of course, by the time she was 2.5 months she was thoroughly spoiled. She, on the other hand, was house and command trained in weeks. Just like a cat! On the flip side, though, when she could she destroyed anything she got her paws on.


I should probably interject at this point, whenever I left the house, I used all the tricks. I left squeaky toys out, I left hard rubber toys out, I left the lights on, I left the TV and radio on. She still showed her displeasure at being unsupervised. One evening, despite my attempts at making her feel less alone, I went out to dinner with friends. I returned home to find Saachi did some gardening. She re-potted every single plant to the white carpet. Seriously, dog? Really…I mean…really??

However, this is next to nothing to her piece de resistance: the chair leg.


I should probably say this did not happen over one evening…It took her weeks of stealthy chewing to completely eliminate a chair leg. We did not watch Saachi as carefully as we did Affie, because she was house-broken and slightly better-behaved….except, of course, when she got a tic in her head to complete some sort of project…


In our living room, we had a matching set of blue chairs. It was the “nice” living room which we used to entertain guests. However, during the first few months after adopting Saachi we rarely invited people over. Saachi was crazy aggressive to people and animals alike.

One day we noticed one of the chairs look a little skewed and when we took a closer look we noticed one of the legs was missing! Saachi had chewed and probably swallowed a whole chair leg!


Now, my father and I have strange attachments to our inanimate objects and could not bring ourselves to trash the chairs so instead, we sanded the left-over stump and placed books underneath to prop the chair up! Let me tell you, it was a conversation starter!



Look at those crooked teeth!


Saachi’s adult teeth were fairly new so the constant wood chewing resulted in major cosmetic changes on her lower mandible!


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