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While I love to water-marble, I have not attempted water-spotting too often. This is mostly due to not having the right materials. I used an old (probably like 3 years old) hairspray which, not surprisingly, did not work, I tried old perfume samples and got a massive headache, I even tried acetone which was way to strong. I heard rubbing alcohol works as well but had yet to try it.

I finally went and purchased another cheap generic hairspray from the drugstore and attempted the water-spot technique. Instead of breaking apart the polish the hairspray shrunk it into the center! Not exactly what I was going for, right? Time to clean up. I blew on the surface so the polish dried faster and instead the extra air pushed it apart! Too cool! I guess the hairspray had to be forced down to the surface of the water to work properly.

I hope you like it! I am kind of digging it myself!


Waterspotting | The Rite of AgingI started with 2 coats of Zoya Dream as my base.

I water-spotted with hairspray, Anise Make Waves and Emily de Molly Candy Coated.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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