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I have another Born Pretty Store stamping plate review for you! This is time I’ll take a look at one of the large rectangular plates.


Born Pretty Store recently re-vamped their entire stamping plate collection and have a massive variety to choose from. No matter what your design preference, BPS probably has a plate for you. Below I review plate BP-L005!


Born Pretty Store Plate L-005The picture above links directly to the product’s information.


I received the plates in the mail a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to play around with the images a little before posting the review. The rectangular plates do not generally have a “theme” like the circular ones do and while I am used to similar images grouped together I don’t mind the hodgepodge as I get to choose from a variety of designs!



I felt lukewarm towards this plate. In general, I had success. The images were pretty, interesting and large enough to fit my nails. However, I had trouble stamping some of these images. A couple continually smeared on the stamper and did not transfer properly to my nails. I eventually got a clear image but it was after repeated trial. The second manicure was just a hot mess. I had a lot of trouble with that particular design and I finally gave up. It was a shame since the gradient came out very nicely!

I was curious to see which other images I would have trouble with so I decided to stamp on paper. Below are my results! I outlined the stamps I had the most trouble with in the last photo.


The images transferred well to paper but in the end it only mattered whether they transferred well to nails. I eventually achieved the proper look but I definitely lost the patience getting there.


Each plate has 21 images and even though I had trouble with a few at $5.99 a pop it is still worth taking a look if you’re interested. And, if stamping is not your cup of tea, Born Pretty Store has a whole myriad of other nail art supplies to choose from!


If you choose to place an order, feel free to use my 10% off code below!


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