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I have not painted my nails in almost a week! What is this? I just have not been in the mood really. What with Saachi’s recovery, my own flare and not being in the right mindset. I considered muddling through and forcing myself to paint my nails but I didn’t want my hobby to become a chore! What nail artist wants that??

Today I have an easy-going water-spotted nail art! It only took 30 minutes to complete it! On top of that, I was constantly amazed how quickly and easily this Emily de Molly polish cleaned up with acetone (even with the glitter pieces)!

I hope you like it!


Blue and Purple Splatter Nail ArtI started with 3 coats of Emily de Molly Candy Coated. I managed to get my hands on this polish during a Llarowe sale! I am not going to even lie: I always scroll through the sales page. I managed to get a Picture Polish lacquer once!!…Which is neither here nor there in this post but I thought I’d share anyways! 🙂

I “water-spotted” with hairspray, Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen and Zoya Haven. I had this image in my mind of the final result. I should have used an opaque white instead of Fresh Linen because the sheerness makes the base look thin in some spots. I promise that is not Candy Coated but Fresh Linen.

I protected the design with Seche Vite before applying a nice coat of INM Northern Lights Silver. Speaking of which, are they no longer selling the Gold counterpart? I use it for certain color combinations and recently ran out but can’t find it anywhere!


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