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I have another stamping plate review for you! This time it is BP-L004 from the Born Pretty Store.


BPS plates 35, L-5, L-4 - Version 3-001Image links directly to product details.


As you can see there are some great images on here! Very abstract and right down my stamping alley! The large rectangular plates comes with 21 images which are not particularly related to one another. I don’t have any problem with this as it gives me more variety per plate and numerous stamping possibilities! If you don’t like this particular plate, definitely check out the other plates here.





I had a lot more luck with the plate than the previous I reviewed here. Most of the images transferred well to the stamper and then to the nail. However, I did have a lot of trouble scraping the polish. I don’t know if it was me or the plate but my scraper kept getting caught on the designs. Also, it didn’t scrape all the polish properly so I ended up with smeared pictures on my stamper. Now, on other plates…if I don’t necessarily scrape all the polish I can still end up with a crisp image. Unfortunately with this BPS plate, I ended up with a lot of pooling.



Below I outlined the images I had the most trouble with (by trouble, I mean the difficulty with scraping).

I personally love stamping, and now that I have practiced more and honed my technique I enjoy it a lot more! But, I know stamping is not everyone’s cup of tea so definitely check out BPS’ other nail art supplies here.


Born Pretty Store ships free internationally and their prices are super low. The above plate only costs $5.99! If you are interested in placing an order with them don’t forget to apply my 10% off coupon code below!

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