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I’ve mentioned a couple of times I really love Incoco nail strips, however, I rarely wear them because I do not usually keep nail art for more than couple of days.

Incoco Appliques claim to last at least 14 days. I mean, just wow. Of course, I’ve never kept nail polish on for that long. The last time I wore these strips they did last at least 5 days which is a-ok in my book.


So, today, I was working on my A2Z P is for Pale post and came up with this really fantastic sponged base. Then, I thought I would stamp and I just effed the entire thing up. It looked so much better without the stamp. I couldn’t post or finish it. Feeling ultimately defeated and ill from shoveling snow I decided to walk down ready-to-wear lane.

Now, these specific strips I’ve had for over a year if not longer so I had quite a bit of trouble. I think they dried out and they unfortunately dried out during the process. I could only use each stripe once after taking off the protective covering.


Incoco AppliquesMy nails are super small! The smaller sizes fit my thumb, index, third and fourth fingers. I think the smallest would have also worked for the pinky but I was applying them in order from thumb to pinky and ran out! In order to remedy this I decided to use the larger decals and then cleanup with acetone. It did not work well at all! In retrospect I should have cut the appliques to size. Since I did not think about this until afterward I placed them both pinkies look a little odd.


There is a definite learning curve to these appliques but I do like them. They are made from real nail polish so they attach and stretch well with a little body heat.I don’t remember having this much trouble the last time I applied them and I think it has a lot to do with the age of the strips.

The designs are so pretty though! I personally have to use the full design decals because my nails are too short and the tip designs don’t even reach! The polish strips are pretty expensive but I think I’m going to give them another try just because it they are so convenient. I do have some Bundle Monster strips I won in a contest I want to try first, though.

Nail wraps and appliques like this are super RA-friendly! I do not have to mess too much with teeny tiny details and they stick pretty easily. These are a great nail art alternative when I just do not have the dexterity and strength to do my own!


Incoco does a bunch of different designs, plain colors, and french manicure tips on their website here. The designs retail at USD$8.99 but if you’re careful when applying and storing them, you might get two manicures out of each set. If not, keep the extras and use them as accents later on!


Have you tried Incoco? Do you like them? Have you had the same issues as me?


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