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With the exception of the Picasso Swirl and sugar-spun techniques, I rarely venture into 3D nail art. I decided to expand my horizons and try some nail art decorations from the Born Pretty Store. And, if I am going to experiment with something I am not really into why not make sure it is something I will use? Anything neon is my favorite so when I saw these fun neon rounds I quickly added them to my review pile! Sure, I could have tried out neon studs (like these) but those were way to 3D for me! Baby steps, right? (The below picture links to the product’s webpage).



There are quite a few colors you can choose from, including a deep purple and blue to a neon pink and green! I decided to lay low and start with neon yellow since yellow goes with everything, right? Heh…


After seeing them on the website, I expected a hard round accent; like the larger glitter studs except maybe flatter. However, when I received them in the mail I was little skeptical. The individual pieces were static-y and clung to each other and the lid. I was thought these were going to be a thinner but just as sturdy version of regular studs but after seeing them they seemed more like smaller version of hole punched paper. Also, each separated piece was not entirely opaque (as you can see if the picture above).


Now, after using them, my skepticism vanished. I like the thin consistency of these pieces. I thought they were going to break and fall apart due to their flimsy look but they were a lot more sturdy than I gave them credit for. The opacity of the pieces also did not pose a problem! I used a toothpick dipped in top coat to pick up individual pieces and they lifted away from the pile smoothly and without problems.

See below the nail art I created with them!


Neon Watermarble with Glitter Accents | The Rite of Aging



These decorations are made from plastic so they are not particularly malleable. I had a lot of difficulty applying them flat. I have relatively prominent C-curves so the rounds stuck up at the edges. I used top coat to fill in the ridges and it sort of helped. I used 2 coats of top coat on top, as well, but the edges still stuck up. As a result, the circles on my index and middle finger fell off by the next morning (I created this look the evening before). It is definitely a bummer but not enough to deter me from using them again. I just have to play around with placement a little more.


I would highly recommend these accents if you, like me, don’t necessarily like 3D accents but still want to use decorations like them! These are thin but sturdy and come in great colors! Even if they may not last long on the nail, at $1.78 per tin, it’s still worth a try. BPS has a wide selection of nail art goodies so if you are interested in placing an order don’t forget to use my coupon code to get 10% off!




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