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I went through a huge dotillism phase back in high school. I even decorated all my graduation invitations with dots (which PS. took a good few months!) Then, I went to college and never found the time.

Recently, dotillism has sky-rocketed into popular culture, especially in the nail art world, and I thought I would re-visit it. While my students were working on their comic books during summer camp I doodled and dotted while I waited to check their work. I even got   some of them into it!

After yesterday’s nail art debacle I sat down, focused and FORCED MYSELF TO GET THIS DONE. There is room for improvement since this is my first attempt at true dotillism on my nails but I am seriously digging the end result.

Disclaimer: This is not RA-friendly.

I hope you like it!


#OMD3NAILS - Polka Dot Dotillism Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseMilani Dark Coffee

Details: assorted acrylic paints and artist brushes


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