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Not a lot to say because I am so freaking tired from this week except I am now two days behind. ICK. Hopefully, I can catch up this weekend!

I’ve become a sugar-spun snob!! I am so bummed with how this came out but I never re-do my sugar-spins because it takes so long to begin with! I’ve come to the realization that fast-dry polishes do not spin well. Even with constant “stirring” the polish thickens clumpy and just doesn’t move well. Ah well…I can always fix it, right? Nope, while I usually don’t have trouble with white polishes, the white I mixed to get this pink became ashy and kind of dulled the base. Best thing to do is just make sure I don’t have to fix anything and use polishes that are better for this technique!

It’s not my best sugar-spin but I still hope you like my pink frosted doughnut nails!!


#OMD3NAILS - Pink Frosted Doughnut Sugar-Spin | The Rite of AgingBaseMilani Dark Coffee

Sugar-spinMilani Quick DrySinful Colors Snow Me WhiteSally Hansen Insta-Dry Petal Pusher


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