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My little girl’s back legs have been hurting for a few weeks because every time she climbs the stairs she whacks her already bad knees. Because of this, she hasn’t done her circus act trick which is one of my favorites.

When I say “do your circus act” Affie stands on her back legs and grabs her pill (or treat) from my hand. She is so freaking cute!

affie circus act

Okay, so she is totally cheating in this photo but look at that little smile!!


I was inspired by my dog’s antics and did a neon watermarble! I don’t even remember the last time I did a watermarble…What is my nail art life right now??


Circus-Inspired Neon Watermarble Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseSinfulColors Snow Me White

Watermarble: China Glaze UV Meant to BeDaisy Know My Name? and Pop the Trunk (which is not part of the Electric Nights collection)

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