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Press sample: items were provided for honest review.

Here is the second part of the new SinfulColors A Class Act collection review.

A Class Act hits the shelves of Walgreens and Rite Aid in August. The collection consists of 27 polishes whose formulas range from cremes to glitters and demi-mattes. I chose polishes in every formula to get a good idea of the collection as a whole.

There are three Walgreens exclusive shades I will mark with an asterisk. Are they worth tracking down? Let’s find out!


V.I.Peach – 3 or 4 coats, no top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - V.I.Peach | The Rite of AgingV.I.Peach is a pastel canary yellow demi-matte creme. The consistency is thin and streaky and can take up to three or four coats to reach full opacity. The streaks dry down well but they are still visible if I look closely enough. The formula is closer to Whiteboard than to Hazed (two demi-mattes I reviewed in the first post) which makes it more favorable to me. For a yellow, this one is awesome!


Fig – 3 coats, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Fig | The Rite of AgingFig is a dark violet with red shimmer that does not transfer to the actual nail. It is very similar to Zoya’s Haven which I prefer. Fig has a decent formula, a little on the thicker side which pools quickly into the cuticles. The polish dries to a dull finish, not matte, just dull.


Rebel Rose – 3 coats, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Rebel Rose | The Rite of Aging

When I first saw Fig and Rebel Rose in the bottles I thought they mistakenly sent me two of the same color. It was a welcome surprise to see they are completely different on the nail. Rebel Rose is a cool-leaning dusty bright purple with an almost duochrome shimmer. The color is very similar to China Glaze’s Caribbean Temptation. The duochrome fades with top coat but the shimmer remains. The formula is good and does not pool into the cuticles. The polish self-levels nicely so if I want to wear it without top coat I definitely can!


Energetic Red – 3 coats, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Energetic Red | The Rite of Aging

Energetic Red is a bright, borderline neon coral creme. The color is IDENTICAL to Sephora by OPI Cover Me in Petals and a more pastel version of my favorite OPI Red Lights Ahead…Where? It has a decent formula which is comparable to the OPI polish. I definitely recommend wearing three coats as I still saw minor bald spots after two. Energetic Red does not self-level well so top coat is a must and it does stain a little which is typical for any coral polish. If you are looking for a replacement to the now discontinued SOPI polish or a less expensive version of the OPI one, this SinfulColors is the way to go!


*Blackboard – 3 coats, no top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Blackboard | The Rite of Aging

Blackboard is a demi-matte black. It is not a true black but more of a dark charcoal. The formula is consistent with the other demi-mattes I tried (V.I.Peach, Whiteboard and Hazed). It is streaky at first but builds up nicely after three or four coats. After the polish dries brushstrokes are barely visible and the finish really resembles a blackboard! This is definitely the most interesting polish of the lot.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like the polishes I tried (with the exception of Hazed and Fig). I especially like the demi-mattes and cremes. The cremes all have great formulas and while the demi-mattes are streaky, they build up nicely. The shimmers are alright if not a little thick and if I had to choose only one polish from this roundup it would most certainly be Whiteboard (which so happens to be a Walgreens exclusive)!

I think there are a good range of polishes for the back to school season. Some hang on to the days of summers while other gladly welcome the fall. Some I would prefer on my toes for the last of the sandal season while others I would definitely save for the fingertips. And, for $1.99 it is definitely worth picking up more than one!


I will be feature a few nail art looks with the Class Act collection over the next month so definitely look out for those!

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