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You can probably tell I am not one for animal prints. They are just not my cup of tea. I only ever attempt them for challenges (primarily the 31-Day Challenge). In 2013, I painted White Bengal Tiger stripes which came out quite nicely and in 2014, I bit the bullet and attempted a colorful leopard print. I did not want to do designs from previous years but since animal prints do not inspire me, I was at a loss.

I flipped through my archives and came across a NAIL art I did of Sunsilk (linked here)! This was one of my first nail arts and I was really happy with it. Fast forward two years (almost exactly!) to see whether a little more experience under my belt makes any difference!


sunsilk tortieSunsilk is part Abyssinian with tortoiseshell markings. She used to have very prominent features but her undercoat lightened with age so it’s harder to see the telltale tortie spots.

It wouldn’t be me if the look wasn’t more abstract. I went with simple “fur” nails and I have to say I love how these came out! I hope you do too!


#31DC2015 - Tortoiseshell Cat Animal Print Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseZoya Louise

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