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We all have something we lust after. We don’t have everything we want. Just by human nature, we don’t. We’re always craving something more. After all, biologically and evolutionarily speaking, that is why the human race is the most elite species. We never settle for what we have. Of course, it does not have to material, it could be an idea or experience.



For me it is material and I am not embarrassed. When it comes to money I am a tightwad…I scrimp and save, own multiple accounts, putting away money for rainy days that may never come. However, I have a soft spot for luxury brands, especially Chanel.

I can’t tell you when my obsession started. Nor can I tell you with what item it started with. Perhaps it was the perfume, the most iconic in the world. If it is was, then I was programed towards Chanel from a young age. My mother wore Chanel No. 5 and now so do I (though, for general wear I prefer Coco Mademoiselle).



In the fall of 2012, as I flipped through one of my magazines I happened across one ad for  gorgeous limited edition (LE) Chanel sunglasses. At the time I was in the market for new sunglasses after mine were stolen in India but none really spoke to me.

These glasses were a beauty but they were limited edition CHANEL sun specs. The possibility of even seeing them in person was a pipe dream and honestly, it never even crossed my mind to own them. I just used them to compare other sunglasses.



Now, six months later I still lusted after these glasses and couldn’t find anything remotely similar. I decided there was no harm in calling my local Chanel boutique and inquiring about them. They took the product code and inserted it into their search and found one pair left. In Hawaii. I asked if they could ship them to the store and they said yes but I still was not sold on purchasing them. What if they didn’t fit or weren’t as perfect in person. I said I would call back.

The following day Saachi attacked Affie and ripped her lower mandible off her face which resulted in emergency dental surgery (there is that rainy day I was talking about!) There was no way I was going to buy that multicolored beauty now.

But, six weeks later I still couldn’t shake the thought of those sunglasses. I searched high and low for them and even called my local boutique again. It took the sales associate a few minutes to pin point the pair as there was an identical one in brown tortoiseshell. He inputed the information and said there were no more left in stock. They were limited edition two seasons prior so I had virtually no chance of finding them. I was crushed but this darling fellow said there was something nagging him in the back of the head about this specific style. He asked if he could call me back in an hour or so because he wanted to do some research.



At this point, I wanted these sunglasses. I needed these sunglasses. I was GOING TO HAVE these sunglasses. Even if it took YEARS to find them. I waited not so patiently by my phone when this kind associate called me and said there was one pair in stock somewhere in the United States. He called the previous store and they couldn’t tell him where the glasses went. He could not track the them. But, still, something was nagging him. He said he would call back again.

A few minutes later he called to say there was one pair left in stock AT MY LOCAL BOUTIQUE. Wait, what?? Was this real life? I immediately put them on hold and picked them up the following day.

They were everything I expected them to be. They were big and covered most of my face just like the 50s style. The colors popped against the clear base.


What a journey, huh? The stars aligned for me because what are the true odds of finding LE luxury brand sunglasses almost a year after they came out??


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.