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I jumped into the nail art and blogging world without an introduction. I never actually said how I got into nail art which really surprised a whole bunch of people.


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(above) Check out some of my nail art through the years!

Growing up, I was a huge tomboy. I wore boy’s clothing and makeup was not my best friend. I always loved nail polish but only wore it on my toes because (even then!) I hated chipped nails.

Fast forward 10 years, add a Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis and  I was placed on a medical leave after over-working. I had nothing to do for two weeks. I could marathon Netflix for days but two weeks? My brain would turn to mush. Reading was always a must but just like well, everything else, I got distracted by all the books and mixed up my plots!

I needed something else so I stopped by a nearby Ulta and picked up six Zoya polishes on sale. I spent all two weeks trying different combinations, different techniques, photographing….and the rest was history!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.