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Doing your nails once a day is hard…let alone every day for a full month. I considered a few different words starting with the letter I. Last night though, I was eating my favorite ice cream and it just came to me: why don’t I do a simple Neapolitan-inspired gradient?

Admittedly, Neapolitan is not my favorite flavor but I frequently buy it when my favorite brand is on sale. I mix all the flavors together until they are a yogurt consistency and chow down.


If you live on the East Coast you might be familiar with the Omish Country brand “Turkey Hill”. This brand makes the BEST ice cream. Ever. Seriously, nothing compares. It is super sweet but not sickly. The taste is rich and smooth and totally filling. You want for nothing when eating this ice cream.

My all time favorite flavor is Mint Chip but it is always sold out (especially when the tubs are on sale 2 for $6, which is all summer long). So, I settle, not really, for Chocolate, Vanilla or Neapolitan! Turkey Hill also makes a fantastic coffee flavor too!

So, I hope you like this gradient inspired by my favorite ice cream brand! I used acrylic paints for this look. Unfortunately, the tips of my nails started to wear the next morning (when I take my photos). Tends to be an occupational hazard when not using true polish!



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