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Nail vinyls or pattern guides are extremely useful if you have arthritis. With quick easy placement and a little dab dab dab of polish you get minute patterns that are definitely not possible during flares. The guides make intricate details into simple nail art designs without the work or precision. These create the perfect arthritis friendly nail art.

Of course, go figure, my experience with vinyls is rather limited for a couple of reasons. First, the designs are usually too big for my nails and second, I prefer unrestrained designs over patterns.

However, when I saw these small vinyls on Born Pretty Store I hard to try them because these really had to be small enough and I just love stars. Scroll through for my thoughts on this product.

This looks also serves for one of the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge – Yellow with a bright bold color. Nothing says bold like black on yellow. Right? Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s looks. There are some really great ones this week!

Interested? Check out cutepolish’s tutorial at the very end of the post.


Born Pretty Store Stars - Nail Vinyl/Guide ReviewThese vinyls are ultra-sticky. Generally, pattern guides are only slightly tacky so they don’t uproot the polish underneath so to make sure this didn’t happen I let my polish dry for at least two hours. That’s a little long, in my opinion. However, that being said, the stickers stick so well that polish does not seep underneath and I get a very crisp line after pulling them off. The smudges you see are solely my human-error.

Another plus, is these actually fit my nails! I don’t just get one full star and maybe a couple of points here and there. I get enough that I see the repeating pattern. Win.

I’ll definitely use these guides again. I get extra use out of one pack because I cut one sticker in half and use it on two nails! Yes, my nails are that short.


Born Pretty Store Stars - Nail Vinyl/Guide ReviewBorn Pretty Store has really upped their game over the last couple of years. I’ve been reviewing their products for two years and have noticed a definite difference in the quality of their products. Even with that, their prices remain low. I am pretty sure they have some of the lowest prices!

Go check out their huge nail art selection here and if you choose to place an order don’t forget to use my 10% off discount code because, why not save a little money.*


Born Pretty Store Stars - Nail Vinyl/Guide Review with Zoya OpalBase: American Apparel Neon Yellow (discontinued), Zoya Opal (discontinued)

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SinfulColors in Secret Admirer  Born Pretty Store Star Pattern Nail Vinyl Guides






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