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Here is the next installment of the Furry Friends tag! Today, I answer the questions for Marmalade who is my oldest and first pet! She holds a special place in my heart and I in hers. After all, she does think she’s my mother!



IMG_4040What is your pet’s name?

Marmalade. Her “birth” name was Samantha. She is sooo not a Samantha!


What kind of pet is she and what breed?

She is a feline tabby. A tabby is basically the mutt of the feline world.


SleepingHow long have you had your pet friend?

Almost 15 years.


How did you get your pet friend?

We adopted Marmalade one week after my mother passed away in August 2002. She was one year old. She was a “hospital cat” at the clinic I work at. Her owner could not take Marmalade to her new apartment and asked the vet to find her a new home. The first time we met she just rolled over onto her back and showed us her belly. We knew she was ours.

She must have picked up on something because she immediately took on the role of “mom”. She protected and took care of me.

She is a very maternal and loving cat!

MarmaladeandMEHow old is your pet?

She will be 16 in July.


What are some quirky things about your pet?

She loves the color red.

She looks and acts like a 5-7 year old. Nobody believes she is actually 16 because she has boundless energy and is still as limber as a kitten.

She is the alpha of the house and she knows it. She controls everyone, gets first dibs at the litter box and gets the most attention. This being said, she is surprisingly benign to Sunsilk. Marmalade lets her eat first and does not crowd her.

As she has gotten older, though, Marmalade has become more jealous. She needs more attention and sometimes does not let Sunsilk near me! I guess this is a consequence of aging.


Marmalade Face

What does your relationship to your pet mean to you?

She takes care of and protects me (in her own way). She sticks to me like glue whenever I am sick. She will wait until I fall asleep to eat, drink and use the litter box and she will beat up anyone who comes near me. I can’t ask for a better protector than her!

She is the best first cat I could have asked for. She is patient and loving and lets me get away with a whole lot like pinching her ears and pulling her whiskers.

Without her, I would not have gotten through half the “downs” in my life.

IMG_3895What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?

Honestly, just being together. Whenever she is with me I feel safe.



Parmpi, Parmpi-Marmpi, Gorg (short for gorgeous), Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World (magic words for her to stop grumbling…seriously!)


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