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Gradient nail art designs sit in the middle of the arthritis friendly scale. These easy nail art techniques require a sponge and the light dabbing motion that could affect the wrist. Otherwise, gradient nail designs are very simple to do. If you are not in a flare and are feeling particularly strong…this is another technique to add to your arsenal!

I adore gradients especially because they take two unlikely colors and blend them together beautifully.

I recently went through my polish collection and found some favorite Barry M polishes hidden in my stash and I had to use them. (FYI USA readers — Barry M is a UK drugstore brand that is amazing…unfortunately it is extremely difficult to get stateside.)

The gradient I made was looking slightly bare so I added some fun Pueen water decals on top. And yes, water decals are the most arthritis friendly nail art technique ever.

Want to make your own gradient? Scroll all the way down to the end for a tutorial by Nail Career Education. The woman rambles a bit but she gives some good tips to achieving this fun nail art look.



Grey to Green Nail Art with Barry M and Pueen Cosmetics

Grey to Green Gradient Nail Art with Barry M and Pueen CosmeticsGradient: Barry M Key Lime (green), Chai (grey)

Water Decals: Pueen Cosmetics set of water decals

Items are linked below!

chai          key lime          pueen water decals

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