I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve been a “Mopey Molly” the last few weeks. I’ve been almost sick so I felt totally spent. Just being awake was difficult. It was hard to feel good about anything until my sinus infection finally broke out and I am now on antibiotics and getting better.

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Every Thanksgiving I write a post detailing what I am grateful for because even though I am dealing with a pretty heavy illness I still have so much good in my life.

So, without further ado, here are the things I am most thankful for this year…

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My Brain

Rheumatoid Arthritis robbed me of my physical ability but I still have my wits. As long as I maintain my mental state, I can conquer the world.


RA is an autoimmune disease which means many of the symptoms (many, not all) are internal and invisible. Often times, chronic illnesses warriors feel isolated and unloved because the people around then don’t believe them.

My family helps me when I need it, doesn’t make me feel bad for it, and most importantly (for me, at least) doesn’t treat me like an invalid because guess what, I’m not.


It really astounds me how often people think I’m a burden because they feel like they have to make accomodations for me. (First, educate yo damn self and second, I make my own accomodations, thank you very much).

I am so lucky I have “true” friends who grab my arm and help me get up on to a curb; amigos who stop so I can take a break and don’t bitch about me holding them up; besties who help me cut up my food at restaurants without a lick of judgement.

And, what’s especially amazing is they just do. I rarely ask for help and my friends know how embarrased I get asking for it especially when it comes to my RA.

My current physical ability

I complain about the pain and swelling and immobility but truthfully, it could be worse. I am still mostly able-bodied. Yes, I do sometimes need assistance (canes, walkers, etc) but I still have the OPTION to use them.


Sure, I cannot work full-time without pain, fatigue and other symptoms but at least I can work. And, I am lucky that one of my jobs is done from the comfort of my own home.

…Speaking of…


I live in a beautiful house, in a safe neighborhood, close to everything I could possibly need, including…


…access to some of the best doctors/specialists (human and veterinary) in the country. They’ve kept my disease from progressing and I don’t have to wait ages to see them. Most I can see within days.

Private Insurance

It does not escape me that I could be paying thousands of dollars every month on medication alone. Add in doctor’s visits, specialists, routine imaging, etc I could either a) experience serious monetary instablity or b) forgoing important treatments all together because I point blank can’t afford them.

I am especially grateful I can afford good private insurance that covers most of my medical costs and ensures I can see all those great specialists without leaping through any fancy hoops.

My Pets

I bet you were wondering when they would pop up, right?

I don’t even know what to say except where would I be without them? They give me purpose (when I often feel like I have none anymore), they keep sane and safe. I am fortunate I can care for all of them both physically and financially.


What are you grateful for this week? LMK in the comments!


Hi. my name is Monica and I have RA.