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Washington DC Spring Storm || Monica w/ RA

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Aside from not going to work, my lifestyle hasn’t changed dramatically with this new world order. I still wake up, take care of my pets, nap, do some online work, read, play my apps, care of my pets, and go to sleep.

I love nature, I love being outside. I used to rock-climb and hike which are two things that are now very difficult for me. However, I’ve been forcing myself to sit outside (even when it’s chilly) and just enjoying being there. I’m not talking dog walks or errands but just immersing myself in nature.

It was almost 80 degrees one day in March (which if you live on the East Coast, hasn’t really happened in years). Before it got too sweltering for words I went outside and just sat on the front steps.

It was quiet. I couldn’t hear anything except for the wind rustling through the leaves. The trees swayed gently. It had just rained and everything smelled fresh and looked green. It was late so not even the birds were singing.

The world (or my corner of the neighborhood) felt happy, safe, and renewed. From where I was sitting, I could never guess a pandemic was ravaging Earth.

I only spent ten minutes outside, letting the sun sink into my skin (of course, with an ample barrier of sun protection between us) and breathed in.

For a moment, I was at peace, my small corner of the world was at peace.

This was the only time that day I was not bombarded with little things: work, news, pets, or responsibilities. It was just me and nature.

There is something absolutely revitalizing about being out of doors. Our species started there so we are wired to enjoy, revel in, and thrive in it.

Just a few minutes a day outside and I feel more alive, more productive, and just a better form of myself.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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