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I am in that vulnerable category everyone is talking about. If I contract Coronavirus I am at high risk of developing complications from it, including death.

Yet, even though I am fully aware of this scary truth, I have never been so calm.

Ten years of working in a veterinary clinic, ten years with Rheumatoid Arthritis and almost 20 years with multiple pets have prepared me for this very moment. The moment I prove I can survive.

I know how to wash my hands properly, I know how to maintain a sanitary environment, I know to avoid large crowds and people who are sick.

I know how to stay healthy.


Yes, CO-VID 19 is front and center, spreading at unprecedented rates but I have been fighting to stay healthy for many years. Complications from a simple cold, caught at work, or bacterial infection, from a tiny cat scratch, could have serious repercussions for me. I live my life with the constant threat that my body cannot save itself if it gets sick.

That is my reality.

Just because Coronavirus exists doesn’t mean I am any more vulnerable than I have been for the last decade. I am tired of hearing (through the media) that I need to be protected like some helpless lamb.

My immunocompromised state actually makes me uniquely qualified of riding out this storm; definitely more so than the average person who has the privilege of perfect physical health.

Don’t tell me I will die if I get the Coronavirus. I know that. I also know I could die from any other attack on my non-functional immune system. I am not incopetent, I am not incapable. In fact, this is where I will dominate.

For the first time since my diagnosis, I feel powerful. I feel in control of my body, my disease, and my life.

I take daily precautions to minimize the risk of illness. I am protected in ways most people are not. I am already fighting against winter cold and flu. Now is the best time for me to challenge everything else.

If I get sick, I will develop acute symptoms much sooner than the 14-day incubation period of this disease. This makes me less likely to pass on the virus to anyone else, unknowingly, which in turn, protects others.

This pandemic is not scary to me. If I get COVID-19, I will handle it the same way I always do: take care that the symptoms don’t worsen and I continue to give my body the best fighting chance.


Hi, I’m Monica and I have RA. I am immunocompromised and I am ready.

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